Why the Gym is the Solution to All of Your Problems

Nuno Oliveira
2 min readJul 1, 2021

Often days, by a lot of people, gyms are labeled as hell. Every time you talk to someone about going to the gym it can only go two ways. Love or hate. That´s what I don´t understand.

Guy lifting a barbell
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Every problem you have in life can go away in split seconds when you are at the gym. It´s a lot like magic. Whatever happens to you, whether it´s a breakup, a bad day, or just angry or annoyed at something the gym is always there. More importantly, the weights are always there. They don´t talk they just take away all of your anger with no catch.

Going to the gym it´s a gift from God to us. While you're going all out in those weights, your anger is going away, and your working on yourself. You are working out essentially!

Making excuses up for not liking the gym is just not worth it at this point. It´s like saying you don´t like when your problems go away. It´s just not true am I right?

So for now on, try not to look to the gym as this hell on earth. Think the other way around. It´s heaven on earth. It´s the solution to all of your problems.



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