The Dark of Being an Entrepreneur

The truth that no one tells you

Nuno Oliveira
2 min readJul 3, 2021


Nowadays being an entrepreneur is trendy. Everyone wants to try it out thinking that life as an entrepreneur is as easy as it gets. Imagining life as those crazy entrepreneur YouTubers that just make it look easy. Unfortunately, it isn´t that easy and that enjoyable. Sometimes it can be horrible.

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What happens?

When you start your own business everything is great for you! You are excited, you feel better than ever, you feel at your best. The problem, besides business problems, can be the others. Being unsupported when starting is hard. People say that they are happy for you because you start your dream job but inside, they know you are going to fail, they know it isn´t going to work out. You get to a point that, you are the only one believing, and that can be hard.

The strength to get up every morning believing in yourself and your mission as a business can be hard. Hearing that alarm clock every morning and think about if it´s worth it to keep going. Wondering that maybe it won´t work out as you would like to.

Don´t give up

It will be hard? Yes, it will. It will not be easy to succeed but it´s possible. When those dark times come, face them with no fear. Believe that it will work out, believe in your dream, in your message. Most importantly, believe in yourself. Don´t go down just because people do not believe in you.

Starting your business, being an entrepreneur isn´t easy. Don´t think you will get where those famous are in a split second. Don´t be mislead by anyone. Enjoy the process.



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