My Carrer was Over Before it Even Started

The disaster that changed my life

Nuno Oliveira
2 min readJul 4, 2021

Since I was a kid, I have always played football (soccer in the US). Normally all the kids get fascinated about attacking positions but I was different. I fell in love with the goal. I fell in love with the gloves.

Goalkeeper gloves
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From the moment I discovered the sport, being a goalkeeper just overwhelmed me. Being the one who decides the score. The one who can save the game. That penalty save that made us win the game. That adrenaline just made me alive, until something happened.

When I start playing as a federated player, I started on the lowest division. The second division. As I got better and better I got my way up to the second-best division in the country! Honour division.

Going back to when I left the second division. I left with an injury. More precisely, a shoulder injury. As a goalkeeper that couldn´t be a good sign. I was treated while I was there but I wasn´t cured. I went to the honor division with an injury that could get worse in a split second.

The season started and I was playing as an honor division player. Until that one save. That one save that got my injury alive again, but this time was worse. Something happened because every single physiotherapist that the club sent me to, said something different about my injury and nothing helped. I was done. I couldn´t raise my arm because of the pain for a while.

I stopped playing the game and found an outside physiotherapist that finally helped me. My rotator cuff was bad, very bad. Until now I´ve never been fully cured. Since then I got away from football and my goal. The last coach that I got at the club made me lose my spirit, my passion for the goal.

Obviously, I still love football. I watch football and love it. I just don´t play it anymore. I found the gym and my physio says that I need it because of my shoulders and because of the injury. After all, I fell in love with the gym so the injury maybe wasn´t that bad at all.

Unfortunately, when my career was starting to take off, my shoulders happened. I´m not sad or mad that that happened. What was bad about it was that my career was over before it even started.



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