If You Haven´t Done This You are Missing Out on Life

Nuno Oliveira
3 min readJul 7, 2021

We spent all year working waiting for that vacation trip to happen. All year long working our asses off to then have the right to enjoy our vacations. The question is, are you really make the most of your vacation time?

For me, every time there is an activity or sport involved you are having the best time of your life! That´s why you should give these sports a go-go.

1. Surf

A guy surfing
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

This one everyone knows. Surf. Everyone knows what it is but the chances have they never tried it. Let me tell you something. I´m not a pro on it. I still can´t get up on the board, but I love to get out there and try it. If it´s fun just trying to get up, imagine getting up and enjoying the wave! And saying that you know how to surf, that you´re a surfer is always cool!

2. Wakeboard

A guy doing wakeboard
Photo by Benjamin Klaver on Unsplash

This one is starting to get out of the people’s knowledge. It´s a more expensive sport because you ride behind a boat that´s pushing you! Tell me that this doesn´t excite you. I can promise you that your adrenaline will spike when doing in. It´s a great sport and if you enjoy speed this is for you. You can go really fast depending on the boat. You can go for freestyling too! It´s incredible. That I can say for a fact because this one I know how to do it well!

3. Kiteboarding

four guys kiteboarding
Photo by Marcreation on Unsplash

This one I saved for last because it´s my favorite! I can tell you that with this one you can´t get any closer to mother nature! You use her wind to ride, you can use her waves to do some kitesurfing or you can freestyle (my favorite). You can also just enjoy the ride and do free ride which is awesome too to relax! It´s like an escape from the land and a visit to the Seeland. It´s just you and your kite sailing those ocean waters while having a blast! One piece of advice is that if you can, do it with friends at the same time. It´s even more fun!

As you can see, if you haven´t tried these out, you are totally missing out on life! Missing out on mother nature’s gifts. So if you get any chance to try these out, do not waste them! Enjoy them!



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